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To support the effective implementation of Projects, Skyway has developed ProCentral, a Centralized Project Management System that integrates various areas and departments of construction project work.

With ProCentral, Skyway uses proven Project Management and Industry Standards to properly plan and execute projects through all life-cycle phases. Through its customizability, ProCentral can be utilized effectively for any type of project – Construction, Maintenance, Shutdowns, Commercial, and more.

ProCentral’s key process is centralized data processing that provides an interactive online dashboard – ProCentral SkyMetrics.

ProCentral provides real-time project status of the project tasks, resource loading, labour hours, inventory, cost, safety and productivity, in addition to other metrics.

Some of the Real-Time metrics and reporting that Skyway can provide:

  • Earned Value

  • Cost Performance Index

  • Schedule Performance Index

  • Performance Factor

  • Pounds per Hour

  • Leg Feet per Hour

  • Cubic Feet per Hour

  • Units per Hour


Trust Skyway Canada to provide transparent and cost-effective Solutions on your next project.