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System Scaffold

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System Scaffold

Industrial Agency

System Scaffold by Skyway Canada is a precision manufactured solution utilizing hi-strength steel, robotically welded and hot-dipped galvanized for a durable, rust resistent finish. The result – superior product quality, safety and longevity that requires little site maintenance, while providing peace of mind.

Peri Up

PERI UP can be seen as an advance in scaffolding, because of its guardrail running in advance, or running after developed for a standard scaffold system.

The guardrail running in advance is already fitted for the next level within the normal erection sequence, this means for the scaffolder that he/she is protected by the guardrail being in position before he/she even sets foot on the next deck level.

All versions of PERI UP are characterized by the measure of compatibility unknown in system scaffolds. Almost every part can be inter-changed or supplemented.

Also the decks integrated protection against lifting is with advantages. It allows individual decks to be removed and re-inserted anywhere on the scaffold. This allows improved and more economical ways of adapting/dismantling a scaffold or even adding bays to an existing scaffold.

PERI UP is a highly flexible system scaffold that leaves almost no request unfilled especially for industrial applications. This allows almost any adjustments to be made to suit local site conditions and also fulfils the highest requirements regarding occupational safety for the working area.

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