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Modular Stage

Winsafe Super Mod

Industrial Agency


Straight Platforms

Lengths up to 48' 9". Longer with a hinge section and three hoists. Truss lengths of ½ meter, 1 meter, 2 meter & 3 meter let you build a platform to suit your application

Cantilever Platforms

Lengths up to 62' 3"with walk through stirrups. Maximum separation for the stirrups is 48' 9" and maximum platform cantilever is 2 meters beyond the stirrups.

Corner Platforms

Platforms with, 30,45, 60 & 90 degree angles can be built with SuperMod using the adjustable corner, drop in truss, floor, and handrail frame set.

U-Shaped Platforms

With the hinge section and four stirrups it is possible to build a platform that will surround 3 sides of a structure.

Circular Platforms

Using three walk - through stirrups and 8 - 45 degree corner sections you can build a circular platform.


SuperMod is built in North America for North American conditions - stronger trusses, and stronger connectors make a smooth riding, long lasting platform.

When we say strong, this picture (taking during UL testing) shows how strong SuperMod is. That's a 26 foot platform (2 - 3 meter sections and a 2 meter section) supporting a 6000 pound test load with very little deflection.

The Steel U frames provide a rigid frame and steel stirrups have the strength to take jobsite conditions. The aluminum truss weighs about the same as European trusses but the toe board is 2 inches shorter and that material is used in the bottom chord making it twice as thick as the competition. That's why our platform can take this 6000 lbs. test with so little deflection.


Not only is the Supermod the strongest system on the market, it is the only modular platform system designed for use both as a conventional swing stage and as a large area work deck. It has a complete range of components that will do all jobs. It is backed with a complete inventory program for next day delivery and most importantly it is backed with complete engineering support. Our engineers have been building suspended platforms for almost 30 years. If you ever have a question for an application we are only to glad to help.

Super Deck

Super Deck, large area suspended platforms like these 30 ft. by 30 ft. decks are built from SuperMod trusses, U frames , hand rails and floors. Add special end frames, X braces and floor hold down bars and you create these large area platforms.

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